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Trained both as an architect and a scientist, I bring the strengths of each of these perspectives to the work that I do, whether rigorous scientific analyses of system performance or sensitive architectural responses to a neighborhood context.  I have conducted primary research into a wide range of building science issues like quantitative analyses of daylighting options, least cost analyses of materials selections and post occupancy evaluations of high performance buildings.

Also, since I “speak both languages” I love the educational role of bridging knowledge gaps in the architectural and engineering practices as they overlap in the field of sustainability.  I teach a series of classes for practicing professionals and university students that combine the rigor of science with the aesthetics of design to bring to life topics like daylighting design, the integrative design process and the exciting new field of sensory design.



  • Sensory Design

  • Sustainable building/site design consulting & master planning

  • LEED AP Consultant & Trainer

  • Architectural Daylighting Design Optimization & Simulation

  • Electric Lighting Integration & Daylighting Controls

  • Teaching/Lecturing - University Level & Practicing Professionals

  • Technical & Educational Writing

  • Sustainable Design Post Occupancy Research & Building Monitoring

  • Demand Side Management Research & Program Consulting

  • Group Facilitation & Consensus Based Meeting Facilitation




  • Author: Creating Sensory Spaces: The Architecture of the Invisible, Routledge, 2017

  • Lecturer, University of Washington: 2015

Seminar course on Sensory Design: Sensational Spaces​

Arch 431: Environmental Control Principles

  • Independent Consultant:  2011 – present

Sustainable and sensory design consulting, research, lecturing and technical writing

  • Paladino & Company: 2004 – 2011

Senior Consultant for internationally recognized sustainable design consulting firm

Generated sustainable design solutions for commercial, industrial and residential buildings and developed sustainability master plans for corporations and neighborhoods.  Researched sustainable design options, developed sustainability indicator sets & facilitated corporate sustainability platforms.

  • Cascadia Conservation Sole Proprietor:  1989 - 2004

Daylighting consultant/educator/researcher 

Generated architectural daylighting design solutions for commercial, industrial and residential buildings with scale models and computer simulations. Conducted research on daylighting and productivity. Worked with Heschong/ Mahone Group to research correlation between daylighting and enhanced student test scores. Taught professional/university level courses on lighting, passive solar, & environmental design 

Wrote articles & chapters for technical books, periodicals and conferences.

  • University of Washington, Department of Architecture 2001- 2004

Lecturer and Lighting Lab Manager:

Taught lighting and climate responsive design courses; managed UW Lighting Lab; instructed students on use of monitoring equipment for thermal comfort, lighting, and air quality.

  • Lighting Design Lab, 1990 - 1999

Daylighting Specialist 

Managed Daylighting Facility & consulted on over 150 architectural daylighting projects at the Lighting Design Lab, a regional facility serving architects, building owners and developers.  Projects included N. Clackamas High School, Costco Stores, Ashland Food Coop, REI Seattle Flagship Store.

  • Puget Ridge Cohousing Development Team (1989-95)

Member of Development Team & Design Committee Chairperson for 23 unit cohousing project in Seattle; current resident & meeting facilitator

  • Seattle City Light, 8/88 - 8/90

Building Energy Research Specialist

Conducted research on building energy use.  Developed conservation strategies & long term planning goals.

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, (1986-87)

Graduate Research Assistant

Monitored performance of daylit buildings in the US and England.

  • Varian Associates, 1970 - 1983

Marketing Manager (1978-1983); Analytical Chemist & Researcher (1970 - 1978)


Selected Publications & Videos:

  • Creating Sensory Spaces: The  Architecture of the Invisible, B. Erwine, Routledge, New York and London, 2017

  • Multidimensional Space: Environmental Poetics, B. Erwine, Ambiances in Action, Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on Ambiances, edited by Jean-Paul Thibaud & Daniel Siret, International Ambiances Network, 2012

  • Safe and Healthy School Environments, Editors: H. Frumpkin, M. D., R. Geller, M.D., and L. Rubin, M.D., Oxford University Press, Inc., 2006, B. Erwine Chapter on Lighting

  • Lighting for Learning, B. Erwine & L. Heschong, Lighting Design & Application, May, 2002

  • Advanced Lighting Guidelines, 2001 Edition, Technical Editor: C. Eley, B. Erwine co-author for Daylighting Chapter, New Buildings Institute, 2001

  • The Collaborative for High Performance Schools Best Practices Manual, Volume II, Design, Daylighting Chapter, B. Erwine and L. Heschong, prepared by Eley Associates, San Francisco, CA, April, 2001

  • Daylight: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, B. Erwine and L. Heschong, Architectural Lighting, April/May, 2000

  • North Clackamas High School: Case Study Evaluation of Daylighting Design Tools, B. Erwine, Daylighting ’98, International Daylighting Conference Proceedings, Ottawa, Canada, May 11-13, 1998

  • Daylight Models, Lighting Design Lab daylight model training video, B. Erwine writer and instructor, 1998

  • Daylighting Decisions – Tools for an Informed Approach, B. Erwine, Architectural Lighting, April/May 1998

  • The Power of the Sun, Integrating Daylight and Electric Light, B. Erwine,  Architectural Lighting, April/May 1996

  • A View to the Future, B. Erwine, LD+A, February 1996

  • Light-well to Atrium Conversions: A Case Study Investigating the Daylighting Issues, B. Erwine, J. Littler, C. Hancock, 12thAnnual Passive Solar Conference, Conference Proceedings, 1987

  • Field Measurement of Light Shelf Performance in a Major Office Installation, C. Benton, B. Erwine, M. Warren, S. Selkowitz, 11th Annual Passive Solar Conference, Conference Proceedings, 1986


Selected Lighting Classes & Lectures:

  • University of Washington Course Instructor:

    • Arch 498: Sensational Spaces (2015)

    • Arch 431: Environmental Control Principles (2015)

    • Arch 435: Principles and Practice of Environmental Lighting (2002)

    • Arch 331/431: Environmental Control Systems: (2001 & 2007)

    • Arch 434: Color & Light: co-taught with Prof. Galen Minah, (2001 & 2002)

    • Arch 498: Measurement and Meaning: (2001 & 2002)

  • LightFair International Conference: Workshop presenter (1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2008 & 2010)

  • Sustainable Building Advisor Certificate Program: Lighting and Daylighting Instructor for professional certificate program (2000-2010)

  • Living Building Leaders: Light & Daylighting Class (2008)

  • Greenbuild Presenter (2005): Getting Real Post Occupancy Research & Evaluation of LEED Buildings

  • Electric Utility Professional Development Courses (1998-2002)

  • Lighting Design Lab classes (1989-1999):  Daylighting Fundamentals, Lighting Controls, Integration of Electric Light and Daylight, Lighting Design Theory, Daylight Modeling Workshop, Skylighting: Design & Analysis, Lighting for Schools, Amazing Glazing

  • Northwest Daylighting Forum (1991-1999):   organizer, chair and speaker

  • Conferences, Invited Speaker:  West Coast Energy Management Congress (2008); APEM Conference Portland (2001); NELPA Conference (1995); Interplan Conference, NYC (1995); Daylighting Design Workshop, Vancouver, BC (1994); Idaho Commercial Design Workshops (1992)

  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Instructor:  Lighting Workshop for Teachers (1995); IESNA ED-100 and ED-150 Daylighting Classes (1994-2002)  Seattle and Portland



Barbara Erwine Resume

Sustainable Design Consulting / Teaching / Writing

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