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Creating Sensory Spaces: The Architecture of the Invisible


To restore a sense of place, we need to explore the rich tapestry of sensory experiences that have been muted by the standardization & uniformity of modern design approaches.  The exciting new field of sensory design includes the design of all sensory inputs including the thermal, light, color, olfactory, auditory and haptic experiences in each space.  This design depth enlivens the occupant experience and creates more memorable and sustainable places.   

Creating Sensory Spaces: The Architecture of the Invisible explores this new field of environmental design and inspires both designers and occupants to create the deep sense of place that emerges when all the senses are engaged.

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Sustainable Design


Conservation of resources in the design and operation of our buildings and cityscapes is essential.  But it is not enough. We need  new compelling visions of our future that allow us to not just “sustain” our way of life but to thrive within the rich diversity of this abundant planet.  We must move from a shallow accumulation of material things to a deep appreciation of what is already around us. I use a collaborative/integrative team approach to understand each site’s natural flows to create projects that are grounded in place and celebrate the human spirit.  


To truly sustain our world, our work as designers must not only conserve precious natural resources but must also create beautiful, compelling spaces that renew a sense of place and belonging in the world.  This can only happen in a collaborative design environment that moves beyond mere sustainability to thriving.  

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